"Stephen helped me more than double the size of my firm."

Kirk Cole, Founder, Simple Accounting Solutions
“We couldn’t have done it without you!”
Tim Keen, Co-founder and CEO of Loop Club

“Using his diverse entrepreneurial background, Stephen has done a great job cultivating an engaging, educational and empowering experience with SGP Labs.

Before I met Stephen, I was in a bit of a rut with my business marketing efforts and personal brand. The tactics that he has developed through his career and shared with me have helped me accel in developing a personal brand that reflects who I am, while boosting my business as well. At his core, he wants to help people.

I never felt he was trying to sell me anything, but rather trying to help me become a better version of myself. Whether or not you subscribe to his service and courses, you are greatly missing out not being connected with, and getting to know Stephen. Thanks for everything!”

Micah Miller
Founder, MJM Accounting
“Stephen really knows how to create thoughtful content that converts! He makes the process simple and easy to do. Highly recommend working with him!”
Chaya Gutnick
CEO, Chaos Control
“Hey I had to tell you this, we signed 10 new clients in April…”
Kelly Schuknecht, Director of Marketing, Summit CPA Group
“Over the last year, Stephen helped me more than double the size of my firm. He was instrumental in helping me package and communicate my services, develop a results-driven digital marketing strategy and streamline my firm with technology.”
Kirk Cole
Founder, Simple Accounting Solutions
“Stephen has had a tremendous impact on the ways I market my consulting practice. He has encouraged me to try new things, reminded me that perfection is not the goal, and pushed me to engage in some strategic marketing practices (particularly around LinkedIn) that have already been fruitful. He's honest, creative, and brilliant. I highly recommend Stephen and SGP Labs.”
Jennifer Perrow
Senior Generosity Strategist, Generis
“Your services are highly recommended, 100/10.”
Andy Core, Resiliency & Work Performance Researcher, Author, and Award-Winning Speaker
“Stephen is not only ridiculously good looking, but he’s a marketing genius. He’s helped me in many areas of my content strategy as well as positioning my offers to land high retainer clients. I look up to him as a mentor and peer. Would recommend to anyone looking to get big deals with video marketing”
Doug Lawson
The Boss, The Lawson Agency
“My team and I have been working with Stephen Pope for a little over a year with my boss’ up-and-coming podcast. When we first started, we knew next to nothing about starting a podcast, let alone how we were going to make the time to record content consistently. Stephen made us feel so comfortable with the whole process from the beginning. Stephen worked with our content team to organize a system that made even working remotely efficient. Stephen has been such an asset to our team with his continuous encouragement during our recording process; We can always count on him to be honest and direct with us when we need an opinion. Stephen is also incredibly knowledgeable with what kind of titles and content will be most engaging to our audience. Stephen’s coaching has helped us graduate our next-to-nothing knowledge on posting content, to an organized content machine that gave our team the confidence and organization that we were lacking. We are very fortunate to have had Stephen work with us to show that this process is not as overwhelming as we had once believed it to be.”
Cara Araiza
Producer, HLC Team
“Stephen has been instrumental in helping me start my VCFO business. We started from scratch and he provided a process to help me focus, get clear on what I’m offering and establish a consistent routine I can execute to market my business. He also helped me launch my Podcast, the “Acquired Knowledge Show.”
Dale Spradling
Dale Spradling, VCFO
“I got 2 clients right away from TikTok and 2 more after reposting the content to LinkedIn...”
Sven Immelmann, CEO, ChardMedia
“Stephen helped me save $3,000/month on my marketing budget by quickly identifying I wasn’t with the right partner. Then he help me get focus and clarity on my marketing plan with all the tools & resources needed to execute. I highly recommend working with him.”
Peter Doemel
CEO, Liquid Ally

Hi Stephen, I didn't realize I needed a coach for creating short, compelling videos until I saw your TikTok videos. I could immediately see how short-form videos could generate more leads for my speaking business and build my overall platform.

Your content framework and coaching dramatically improved my scripting and streamlined my idea generation, content creation, and distribution.

I didn't expect how helpful your overall coaching would be. One of my strengths and weaknesses is that I see opportunities everywhere. Your insights helped me identify blockers, simplify next steps, and focus on what is most important to my current and potential customers.

As we say on TikTok, your services are "highly recommended, 100/10."

Andy Core
Resiliency & Work Performance Researcher, Author, and Award-Winning Speaker
“When I went to launch my podcast I reached out to Stephen because he walked the walk. He helped me get everything set up, equipment, lighting, and also articulate my voice, feel confident, and get comfortable on camera. He also helped me repurpose that podcast into bite-sized clips for social media. You need to work with him.”
Jeff Borrowers
President, Expert Chemical & Supply

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