Accelerate Sales By Accelerating Customer Understanding

Whether you are a business owner, sales professional, or skilled marketer, you are likely heavily invested in understanding better ways to sell.

As dedication to your craft overshadows the frustrations of the moment, you look inward at what you are doing and make concerted efforts to adjust your tactics until you can find a path towards your desired outcome. 

While this is exponentially better than giving up or blaming external factors for everything, is looking inward really the best way to figure out how to convert more customers?

While there could be internal processes and procedures to adjust, trendy new tactics to try, or motivation levels to aspire to, your prospects are the ones who inevitably will need to decide if they want to buy, right? 

In order to get better at selling to your prospects, you need to be able to answer three core questions: what they are looking to buy, how they make buying decisions, and what their level of understanding is (especially in B2B). Above anything else, you need to understand these things to ensure that whatever channels, messaging, or offers you deploy will actually be relevant and valuable to the prospects you want to sell to. 

Even if you understand your ideal customer's pain points better than anyone else in the world, not understanding how to answer these three core questions will always hold you back. 

People are looking for solutions to their problems and when you strike the right chord by communicating the right message, you create certainty for both parties in the buying process.

So how do you answer these three core questions? The answer is simple, well, should be simple anyways. Listen to your prospects. This should be as simple as just having more conversations and taking notes on what you hear, but unfortunately it is not that simple.

Why It Is Getting Harder to Talk To Decision Makers

As technology has enabled easier access to decision makers in essentially any industry, organizations of all shapes and sizes have attempted to maximize short-term growth through spammy tactics that excluded them from deploying any level of understanding of who they were actually targeting. As a result, people are attempting to sell solutions that do not resonate because they do not know what will really win their prospect.

Now more than ever, decision makers of all levels are becoming inundated with so many irrelevant pitches that completely waste their time that it is becoming harder for them to lend an ear even to interesting opportunities. How do we rise up and meet this challenge? Content, Content, Content!

The Power of Great Content

Content allows you to answer those core three questions in a way that removes the pressure on the consumer to filter out the tactless. In addition to being able to scroll past the posts that they feel hold no value to them, prospects are also able to benefit from the social proof of seeing other people like them engage in discussions with you, reinforcing that there may be something more to discover by paying attention themselves.

I won’t lie to you, creating content isn’t easy. Elements of it are much harder than they appear. You know your stuff and have spoken on it numerous times, so why would formally posting your perspective through content be any different? Well, there will be a lot of times when great work gets lost in the ether.  

Pay attention to what does not perform well. It may be over their heads or on the wrong aspect of what you provide. Don’t forget to think about the aspects of well performing content as well. Dissect the magic.

You learn what does and doesn’t resonate, you create reasons for prospects to start conversations and indirectly reveal their stance on your value prop through what they say and what they react to. As you arrive at a place where you're consistently developing content that resonates, you build credibility in your ability to deliver on promises as buyers get a sense of how you approach delivering solutions.

It’s Time to Give It a Shot

You can learn more about how to create and distribute content through resources like SGP Labs, but the first step is to start. You couldn’t possibly ask all of the right questions before  you begin. There are too many nuances. Instead, pick a channel that your prospects frequent, take a look at what they engage with, and produce something with your message in it. Pay even more attention to the content that your prospects produce than the stuff you do. It will show them that you care and tell you more about how they think, where they need help, and their understanding of your industry. Use content as an olive branch to your ideal prospect, but don’t just look to give information. Soak in what you can about how to move them from prospects to clients.

About The Author

Brian is the Founder of Kingman Consulting Group. Brian’s chief expertise is helping business leaders tap into customer insights to build unique experiences that foster brand loyalty and increased profitability. To find more of his content visit

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