How To Save & Organize Good Ideas You Find Online With Jay Desai

How to Save and Organize Good Ideas You Find Online

There are many benefits to the Internet, including extensive informative and entertaining content.

But there is so much information we like, it can feel overwhelming to keep track of it.

We want uncomplicated methods or systems to save and organize content that we want to later revisit.

So, we look to the internet for solutions.

And we find 477,000,000 Google page returns for the term "How to organize and save things from the internet."

Articles such as "10 Best BookMark Managers You Should Use" or "15 Best Organizing  Bookmarks Tools."

There are also note-taking apps, another form of internet information organizing tools that Google lists in its page returns.

However, bookmarks and note-taking apps are not always applicable to the materials we would like to save and use.

An awesome new program for content creators

I recently discovered a new approach to organizing and saving Internet content, called Swpely, developed by Jay Desai.

I interviewed Jay on one of my  LinkedIn LIVE broadcasts. The video of our discussion accompanies this post.

The system he and his team developed is awesome for content creators, so I asked Jay to give us some background.

Jay summarized it this way. "I'm building a program called Swpely, basically for saving, curating, and sharing content that you find all over the Internet. There are many interesting things available online, from images to websites, landing pages, or social posts, that you find have a lot of value. "

It's like having a personal content management system for the Internet

In some ways, this program is like having a personal content management system (CMS) for internet content.

In the video, Jay walks us through the basics of how the program works. Because there is so much content you might want to save and organize, you need to have a starting point to prioritize it, Jay says.

Jay uses a star rating system as a baseline to indicate the relative importance of the material he saves. In the video, he goes through the steps of the star system using a live screenshot to demonstrate the process.

Sometimes, we can store too many ideas and don't have time to sort through them

I find this approach helpful because I sometimes store too many ideas, and then it takes too much time to sort through it all.

Jay gives us a detailed walk-through in the video of how the system helps manage what you are saving from Linkedin, such as accessing the most recent posts of your favorite people on the platform.

There are many more ways Swpely can manage your participation on LinkedIn.

It can also save Twitter Tweets.

"One of the things I like doing is an advanced Twitter search if I'm looking for something specific such as marketing content," Jay explains.

Jay shows us how he can search, for example, 100 retweets on marketing content by clicking an icon and waiting for the tweets to load.

One helpful capability of the program is the ability to share the content you have saved. This sharing capability is being further developed to increase options in this application.

Jay told me the program can also save videos and upload content you have created.

"The goal we are working toward is to build a consumer social platform and to make it easier to find the best ideas faster," Jay said.

I urge you to watch the accompanying video to get a better idea of the full power of this new program and start learning how to use it.

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Discover more about Swpely's capabilities by watching the video and visiting the company's website:

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