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We're developing the people, tools and technology to help businesses thrive in the video, content and social media era.

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How We Help

We help businesses create and scale the distribution of persuasive video content to build an audience, community, fuel product innovation and generate revenue.

Our Philosophy

“Becoming a media company” (that happens to provide products and services) is the modern business model that generates scalable revenue in the social media age.

Our Core Values


We have a deep passion for learning, synthesizing and innovating the best solutions to hard problems


We believe that sharing our resources to empower our community is the best business strategy


Long-term thinking drives short term results


Our methodologies are contrary to popular belief and require faith to achieve our true potential

Our Story

Part 1—Solve A Problem

After I (Stephen Pope) sold my previous 7-figure tech company—one of Inc Magazine's fastest growing companies, I started over. I had the flexibility to do whatever I wanted. With a passion for being an entrepreneur I jumped right into my next business. Reflecting back on my previous business, I knew it could have been built faster. I also noticed the world had changed. Now we had video and social media. I didn't know how to do it (yet)—but I knew I could. Terrified of being on camera I committed to figuring it out. It worked. Fact: You can post video on social media and grow a business.

Part 2—Content Is Hard

I got better at video and it generated new clients, but it was overwhelming. Consistently coming up with new ideas, recording them, keeping organized, posting... all to feed the social media beast. It was a constant struggle. And I wanted a family life too. I hired help—but it was harder to manage quality and it only added more complexity. Tired of the grind, I realized I needed a system.

Part 3—My Tech Roots Resurface

As an engineer would, I asked myself how tech could make this better. I started to replace all my common actions with simple automation. Creating folders, and tracking links to videos, and their status. It streamlined how I work with my team, they were happier too. It started to work, I was posting more content without having to sell my soul. The content started generating more and more clients. The more content I made, the more money I made.

Part 4—A Product Was Born

I kept adding to it and improving the automated system. Soon I was creating vast backlogs of content. I could post multiple videos a day without recording for months. It was working so well that I started to show people my new tool—friends and viewers on social media. I launched a paid community with 200+ members over a weekend with just one TikTok video promotion. I knew I had product market fit.

Part 5—Creative Meets Engineer

I took my one of a kind product full-time. Helping entrepreneurs create long-form content, repurpose and distribute it with a cost-effective team. Time was also an issue for clients so I solved that too, making it easy for them to create and leave the rest to their team. That made content creation realistic (and fun), with time left to spend where you want. Best of all the content is working and clients started to scale their businesses. We call our businesses “Media Companies”…. (that happen to provide products and services). I can teach you how to do it too.

The Small Team
(Making 100 Pieces Of Content/Week)​

Stephen G. Pope​
CEO / Founder​
Erin Pope​
Community organizer​
Diane Cooley​
Editor & copywriter​
Sven Immelmann​
Audio & video editor​

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